Monday, 18 May 2009

Is the Monarchy relevant to us, or simply useless ?

...does Her Majesty actually defend the faith, as she is sworn to, or pay a whit to any of the noxious Bills she must approve into law, or is she and the institution of the Monarchy simply an historical curiosity and a tourist attraction, doomed by the nutty antics of Prince Charles to ridicule and scorn...from Cranmer...Her Majesty must dissolve Parliament: it is her moral duty. The Prime Minister must call an immediate General Election: it is a political imperative. The Houses of Parliament belong to the people: the House of Commons is our chamber. The constitutional checks and balances developed over the centuries need to have their powers restored. The House of Commons must be free to debate and make its own laws, for it is their privilege, irrespective of EU suppression; ministers must be accountable to Parliament, irrespective of the myriad of bureaucratic quangos which have usurped that responsibility; the House of Lords must be reformed, for it is has become a chimera of confusion; the Monarch must have her kingdom returned to her, for she is the Head of State; and the people must have their sovereignty restored, for democracy depends upon it.Your Majesty, please dissolve this decomposing parliament for the stench of decay reaches right to the nostrils of God...more here...

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