Monday, 25 May 2009

The bloodless British Revolution... in full swing, as details of theft and fraud by British MP's come to light. The disgust that U.K. voters feel for their M.P.'s is profound. Visit OlD Holborn (seen right, placing gunpowder around the Houses of Parliament,) or Cranmer, to gauge its depth. Speculation about an imminent general election has surfaced , but is now less audible. A consequence of the unprecedented unpopularity of Labour in the U.K. though could be a humiliating 3rd, or even 4th place in a general election, and a rejuvenated nationalism, with multi-culturalism and perhaps even global warming alarmism toppled from their sacrosanct positions...and talking about sacrosanct, the poets of WW1 would I hope forgive this British blogger for his eulogy...

...Anthem For Doomed M.P.s (With apologies to Wilfred Owen)...from NightJack...

Why passing-bells? They treated us like cattle,
Only the monstous adding of the sums.
Only the calculators' rapid rattle
Resounded at their houses in the sun.
Full mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells,
Nor any voice of comfort save the choirs,--
The shrill, demented choirs damning to hell;
And Holborn calling for piano wires.

What pensions may be grasped to ease the fall?
What glimmer still of greed shines in their eyes?
The time is come for them to make good-byes.
The hatred of each voter is their pall;
Their monthly cheque is indexed, they dont mind,
And still each month they ask and we must find...


MK said...

3rd or 4th is too good for the labor scum if you ask me.

Ayrdale said...

Come what may, the arrogance of the Labour elite will devastate them for a long time. That will be good news if a leader of substance and principle takes over.