Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What's the world coming to...'s the present day state of play, more here, and here... and meanwhile..
THE planet Earth has dismissed claims it is in danger from global warming... The Earth spoke out after a series of books, television programmes and environmental campaigns urged people to do everything in their power to 'Save the Planet'. Earth, 4,000,000,000, said last night: "I'll be absolutely fine, seriously. I might get a bit warmer and a bit wetter, but to be honest, that actually sounds quite nice. Try living through an ice age. Pardon my French, but it's f***ing freezing. Look, I'm just a planet doing its thing, alright? If you want to live on me, that's your business, but I've got important planet stuff to do, okay? Try being in elliptical orbit for five minutes, or balancing your gravitational pull with a medium-sized moon. Let me assure you, it's no f***ing picnic." The planet said environmental campaigners should change their slogan from 'Save the Planet' to something more relevant such as 'Save Your Sorry Arse'...more here...

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