Monday, 19 January 2009

The 4th Reich...

From the blog ProCommerce ...Reading the daily news is very disturbing for me. I keep saying, in this blog, that we live in the 4th Reich and we do. Hitler's ideas have conquered the world. Only a few American Jews, all Israelis and a few of our friends have the slightest grasp of the extent and horror of this hate Jews era.
Every national leader except Germany's (the U.S. is now equivocal) and the entire U.N. is saying 'Die Jews die'.
We've just lost the only important friend Jews have had in 2,500 years (George. W. Bush). We have been thrown to the dogs. Jews are to be hunted like rabbits and offer no more resistance than rabbits are allowed.
Proportional response, ceasefire, negotiate with Hamas, excessive civilian casualties...these are all euphemisms for 'Die Jews die
.'...more from ProCommerce, here...


Chancelucky said...

Micky I'm leaving this comment here, because there's no way to respond to your post about the Japanese Society on Energy and Resources.

I googled them and found the following board.

It appears that their chief funding sources are various Japanese utility and energy companies. That doesn't mean that they're wrong, but their argument is of the usual suspects variety. Sun spots, we don't have the "right' climate data, cyclical nature of the earth's climate. ie it's identical to the arguments put forward by all the other groups funded by the oil companies.

I can't find out much beyond their publication of this one report. They appear to publish reports on various energy topics, but I can't find anything notable that the society has ever done particularly around climate/weather. Of course, most of the links are in Japanese which I don't read.

Ayrdale said...

...thanks for having a look, and sorry that comments are unavailable at that posting...I'm fiddling with settings to try to rectify the matter.
I'm not disowning any group; particularly from Japan where 30% of their energy needs are met via the atom. So... a company funded by "utilities and energy companies" would presumably have nuclear power co. money too, and the nuclear industry are quite fond of global warming and apocalypse.