Thursday, 15 January 2009

What will history say ?

...and how will the historians view the GWB presidency ?
They will not judge it by consulting the oracles within the MSM, who lampoon Bush as a moron and possibly the worst president ever. They will not judge it by consulting Osama bin Laden or Ken Livingstone or Martyn Bradbury. (Who ?)

They will simply review the objective facts with the benefit of the clear hindsight.

One historian's perspective...WARNING... prepare to be shocked...when virtually the entire military, diplomatic and political establishment in the West opposed it, Bush insisted on the surge in Iraq that has been seen to have brought the war around, and set Iraq on the right path. Today its GDP is 30 per cent higher than under Saddam, and it is free of a brutal dictator and his rapist sons.
The number of American troops killed during the eight years of the War against Terror has been fewer than those slain capturing two islands in the Second World War, and in Britain we have lost fewer soldiers than on a normal weekend on the Western Front. As for civilians, there have been fewer Iraqis killed since the invasion than in 20 conflicts since the Second World War.
Iraq has been a victory for the US-led coalition, a fact that the Bush-haters will have to deal with when perspective finally – perhaps years from now – lends objectivity to this fine man's record
...more from Andrew Roberts (author of 'Masters and Commanders: How Roosevelt, Churchill, Marshall and Alanbrooke Won the War in the West' Penguin ) here...and from Samizdata, here...

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Quite right, and to be matched by his administration's work in Africa: easily the most effective of any US government's. Long way to go, but George Jr should get more credit for it.