Saturday, 30 August 2008

Killer Fact...

...Australians slightly outnumber camels. There are 19,731,984 Australians, but only 19,074,168 camels.

If diplomacy broke down and there was -God forbid!- a war, my money would be on the camels. The Australians would have the advantage in guns and heavy armour, besides outnumbering the camels; but the camels could use their superior brain power to outflank their Aussie foe, and sow confusion in his ranks.

One thing’s for sure: there would be appalling loss of life.

Note that Snoop Doggy keeps his bitches on leads...

A Rolex...

...though ugly, will pay for itself in quim...

Rolexes are very ugly, strictly for moneyed yobs. To me a Rolex is the kind of thing Snoop Dogg buys for his rottweiler. If you admire Mr Dogg's aesthetic sense that is up to you, I have nothing to say; but why not go the whole hog and get some snakeskin shoes and a solid gold pig? Don King, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Evans*, Mike Tyson: these are the kind of people who wear Rolexes.

You can buy a watch from Tesco just as accurate as a Rolex: quartz vibrates the same however it is encased. It will look okay, and it will cost you ten pounds. The rest you can give to the poor or whatever.

But if you live in Asia I recommend as tasteless as a Rolex as the purse can buy, with as many diamonds as poss. It will pay for itself in quim several times over, conspicuous consumption being the hallmark of immature capitalism. The downside is that you will look like a boxing promoter.

Urgent Election News!!

RABBIT HASH, KY (AP) - Following the death of its mayor, the small northern Kentucky town of Rabbit Hash is preparing to elect a new leader.
The only candidate so far is a border collie named Lucy Lou.


The racism card...

Harry Stein, City Journal

If Obama loses the election, it won’t be because of bigotry.

IF OBAMA LOSES was the headline of Jacob Weisberg’s recent piece in Slate, and the subhead completed the thought: RACISM IS THE ONLY REASON MCCAIN MIGHT BEAT HIM. More than just ugly—and worse, potentially inflammatory—such a claim is contradicted by the evidence. Yet in the weeks prior to the party nominating conventions, as Obama’s poll numbers sank, it became something like common wisdom in left-liberal circles: an all-purpose explanation for the otherwise inexplicable failure of this most transcendent of candidates to ignite the universal approbation his fans regard as his due.
Continue reading . . .

McCain's running mate... Sarah Palin. Is she perchance related to Michael Palin of Monty Python fame ?

Check it out

Friday, 29 August 2008

Winston will go...

...and no one will be more disappointed than me...

I worked for and believed that this man would be a worthy P.M.

Winston seemed to me to be the man who could unite NZ and encourage under-achieving Maori to participate more in what should be God's lucky country. Instead, Winston has carved out for himself a self destructive and ego driven path...

My clash with him came when he alleged on Australian TV that he had been offered bribes to support Ruth Richardson's economic reforms, and so had his colleagues within the National party. I was a lowly National party branch chairman in his electorate and we came to blows (well nearly) over this. In addition, it was an election year (? 1984) and I kept asking the unprincipled prick whether we were going to be working for him, or the National party.

The eventual upshot was that I was sacked from my pathetic little post and Winston's acolytes ensured that dissent within the electorate was stifled.

Wello, boo fucking hoo.

Winston was then at the height of his power and influence - particularly in Tauranga. He threatened to "ruin me"... "I know who's pulling your strings" he said, astounding me...nobody pulled my strings, and as a young Dad, father of 2, with a new Physiotherapy practice and a mortgage, Winston's threat scared the bejeesus out of me, so much so that I took legal advice...

Well, Winston's won. Winston's values are monetary only, and in terms of money, the man's a winner. The biographers must be queueing up...

God on yer mate. Hold your head up high, enjoy the loot. It's been earned off the backs of thousands of naive, deluded and disappointed idealists...also see

We Loove You Baaraack...

...and peraay for your triumph....

Is all what it seems ? Is Barack the best man for the job? How about John McCain with Barack as his VP ? Wow! the dream ticket on steroids !! But life isn't anything like that this realm it's bullshit compromise...

Check out this link...

Thursday, 28 August 2008

White man's global warming...

...dovetails very neatly into white mans guilt over colonisation, and white mans anguish over the slave trade, and white mans suppression of women,indigenous peoples and etc etc.

If one fact makes anyone hesitate over full acceptance of AGW (anthropogenic global warming, ie, we're killing the planet) it should be that adherence to the green doctrine fulfills every single item on the far left wish list... ie, a crippling of developed economies, a massive transfer of wealth to developing/failing economies, a magnified role for the state and its bureaucrats and a plethora of legislation to stifle individual freedom of movement and property ownership...well f**k the greenie bastards !

Check this out...see here...

It was a dark,stormy night when Helen was conceived...

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The planet is doomed ! and it's all our fault !

...yeah right.

Our puny efforts to control our world pale into insignificance compared to natural forces. A hurricane 1000 times more powerful than the world's nuclear arsenal, a volcanic eruption a million times more powerful than a 100 megaton nuclear weapon, an earthquake that tears land masses apart...these natural events are in our news every day. And what are we force fed by our established media? a steady diet of propaganda to make us more guilty and more angry about our world...

Relax pilgrim! Check out this Norwegian climate expert and solar specialist...(and by the way, I'm no Norwegian expert, but I don't think his web address has anything at all to do with foreskins...)

The George W Bush doctrine...

...has been identified as the ending of tyranny. A thoughtful overview of how historians not yet born may come to judge Dubya...

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What bloody global warming ?

Aug 26, 2008
Snowpack Study Shows No Long-Term Climate Change Signal

By Phyllis Fletcher, KUOW News

A new study from the University of Washington indicates that climate change may not be the reason snowpack is shrinking in the Cascade Mountains. The finding is in contrast with science and policy that have dominated the discussion of snowpack, flood, and water resources.

The new study is authored by several atmospheric scientists, including KUOW regular Cliff Mass. Mass says the amount of snowpack has not changed appreciably in the last 30 years. He and his colleagues argue that much of the change in the last century could be attributed to a weather pattern that has nothing to do with global warming caused by human activity. (To read the rest of the article click

Into the Wild...

...a wonderful new film, based on the book below and directed by Sean Penn, about the life and death of a young man (Christopher McCandless) who turns his back on society to become a latter day Jack Kerouac follower. A must see movie for the soundtrack alone (preview it here) mainly written and sung by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, and a cameo appearance by the great William Hurt. Strings of accolades/awards and deserving of most of its praise. Most, I think, not all...because I suspect that the media glitterati are in total homage to Sean Penn, (he is so vociferous over his opposition to GWB).

The 5 star plus movies Into the Wild and Grizzly Man (Werner Herzog) and now Into the Blue (all issued in the last 2 years), are setting benchmark parameters for a new genre - that is - man alone/man goes mad/man dies. Each of the forenamed are spectacular and demand attention - because they're real. Penn's effort is perhaps the least authentic because we know that embellishments to the characters and circumstances must have been made. Nevertheless, the music, the cinematography and the final acknowledgements to the family involved, and the smiling self portrait, apparently taken days before death, are beautiful,wrenching and pitiful. A must see movie...

See also: Death of an Innocent
How Christopher McCandless lost his way in the wilds

By Jon Krakauer

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

James Gallien had driven five miles out of Fairbanks when he spotted the hitchhiker standing in the snow beside the road, thumb raised high, shivering in the gray Alaskan dawn. A rifle protruded from the young man's pack, but he looked friendly enough; a hitchhiker with a Remington semiautomatic isn't the sort of thing that gives motorists pause in the 49th state. Gallien steered his four-by-four onto the shoulder and told him to climb

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Monday, 25 August 2008

Stop Press...ENERGISER bunny arrested !

...charged with battery.

...and now, because I'm a card carrying, hand on heart Americanophile (not the whole continent idiot, just the USA) ...

...I offer this link from Prospect magazine to a well articulated argument that (arch buffoon/cowboy/war criminal/warmongerer) GW Bush, is in fact likely to be remembered as a great president who rolled back jihadism and defined the struggle against terror in terms that the terrorists could understand...

Success with women is quite simple...

(A note from our sponsors.)

What is the scent women find most attractive? Musk? Pheromones? Eau de Cologne? In fact, it is none of these. The smell that really gets them hot is the smell of CASH!

Dr Herman Van Loon of the University of Nebraska has dedicated his life to isolating scent particles from dollar bills, and has now developed CASH!, the only aftershave made with real money. Wherever you go you'll be followed by the mouth-watering aroma of greenbacks. She'll find you attractive, but she won't know why!

To find out more about CASH! write to Dr Van Loon at the University of Nebraska, enclosing a pre-paid envelope and your favourite tie.

Get off the couch you fat bastard...

How can you lose weight fast? Which sport burns more calories per hour than any other? Swimming? Jogging? Aerobics? In fact, it is none of these. The best sport for weight-loss, muscle tone and the cardio-vascular system is Running Away From Dogs.

Which is why we at the Sports Science Labs of the University of Nebraska invented the Tunnel of Dogs. It couldn't be easier. Simply wait in the tunnel till the dog appears, then run for your life. When you have completed the requisite number of laps a net comes down, ensnaring the hound and saving you from a savaging. Never has losing weight been so easy.

Send us details of your heart-rate, body fat and medical history, and our experts will select the right dog for you. The dog is carefully weighted to match your overall speed and fitness. As you improve, simply remove the weights and the dog becomes progressively faster. Before the dog is released it is put in a cage and taunted. It is poked repeatedly with a stick until it is absolutely livid. Then, and only then, is it released to chase you. With its snapping jaws only inches away from your arse you will run like never before, knowing that it will sink its teeth into your soft flesh if you slow down for even a second.

If you are interested in Running Away From Dogs write to Dr Herman Van Loon at the University of Nebraska, enclosing a doctor's certificate and your favourite tie.

Email to a gunsmith...

Dear Sir,

Could you possibly make me a high-velocity sniper's rifle, that could be disguised as a walking stick? It is for purely recreational sniping, you understand, and would not be used in acts of politically-motivated terror. I give you my word on that. I am not a murderer. Why would I wish to kill my fellow man, unless he was sinning?

Money is no object, but it must be accurate enough consistently to bring down sinners at distances of up to half a mile. I would never, I assure you, take up arms to smite my fellow man, without detailed and specific instructions from God our father, or one of
his angels. Woe unto the heathen on that day! The Lord shall dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.

Please send me estimates on price, delivery time, etc. And could you get hold of some explosive-tipped ammunition (for the "right price", naturally)? If the worst came to the worst, and we were absolutely forced to liquidate a heathen, we wouldn't want to leave any ballistic evidence, you see.

But we pray it will never come to that.

Awake unto righteousness, and sin not.

Yours faithfully,


He replies:

Good Morning Mr. Hutton, It is refreshing to find someone interested in carrying on God our fathers divine work. I have designs for such a device as you describe and even have pictures of the first samples. I have been reluctant to build such a fearsome weapon because of its possible use. Having now found a true believer to entrust it too, I am ready to proceed. I am unable to scan the pictures to email them to you. Is it possible you could give me a mailing address and I will happily mail you my prototype pictures to see of this will meet your requirements. This is with the understanding you will return them to me. Jerry

I can't decide whether this man really is prepared to make weapons for an apparent maniac, or whether he has contacted Homeland Security and this is all an ambush. I'd better send him my friend Kevin's address to be on the safe side.

If you are bored, copy and paste the email and see if you can find anyone willing to make a gun for Sheikh Nasrallah or Saddam Al Infidel-Slayer.

UPDATE: Kevin has been shot by a SWAT team.

From Chase me Ladies...(the most brilliant site on the web)


Oh Post 1950s economy,
Why is it that you fill me with such bonhomie?

From the Ode To The Fiscal Structure Of Post-1950s Western Society With Reference To The Works of J. K. Galbraith. Read the whole thing. Or don't- it's no skin off my nose.

I once had a fist fight with JK Galbraith. True story. He was in the Red Lion in Tooting mouthing off about the world economy. “Growth is slowing,” he said, “as the housing market cools and consumers rein in their spending.” Terry the Pole overhears, and comes over from the fruit machine. “Don’t be a c**t," he says. "I’m a consumer, and I just bought a new fridge.” Then he headbutts him.

We all piled in on Pole’s side, because he had indeed bought a new fridge.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

...looking west, from the glorious Coromandel towards Auckland. Big storm coming...

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...class of 75. Classy people...

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Pillars of the Community...

...but once were rascals, hooligans and drunken desperadoes. Good mates all, enjoying a 30th reunion at the salubrious Puhoi Pub. Well worth a visit, and if you can bully the management... a stay...

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...the dreariest, wettest,coldest winter yet...roll on summer (and some global warming)...

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Fatties take note!

Hey Colin, hold the front page...this just in...

A FIRM which claims its bottled water can help with weight loss has been told to stop filling it with the ebola virus.

The makers of Slimmy Water claim drinkers can shed up to six stone in one week by filling their bodies with 'friendly bacteria'.

But scientists say the special slimming ingredient is nothing more than a particularly viscious strain of the deadly gastro-intestinal bug.

Dr Tom Logan, of Durham University, said: "It is a great way to fit into your favourite party dress, as long as you don't mind violently shitting yourself the entire time you're at the party."

The promotional material for Slimmy Water states: "Drink one bottle a day for a week and watch the pounds literally fall out of you!

"If you've not lost at least half your body weight within seven days, you'll get your money back and a free bottle."

The IPPC case for doomsday continues to unravel...'s comment from American Physical Society member Roger Cohen...

I retired four years ago, and at the time of my retirement I was well convinced, as were most technically trained people, that the IPCC’s case for Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is very tight. However, upon taking the time to get into the details of the science, I was appalled at how flimsy the case really is. I was also appalled at the behavior of many of those who helped produce the IPCC reports and by many of those who promote it. In particular I am referring to the arrogance; the activities aimed at shutting down debate; the outright fabrications; the mindless defense of bogus science, and the politicization of the IPCC process and the science process itself.

At this point there is little doubt that the IPCC position is seriously flawed in its central position that humanity is responsible for most of the observed warming of the last third of the 20th century, and in its projections for effects in the 21st century. Here are five key reasons for this:

1. The recorded temperature rise is neither exceptional nor persistent. For example, the earth has not warmed since around 1997 and may in fact be in a cooling trend. Also, in particular, the Arctic and contiguous 48 states are at about the same temperature as they were in the 1930s. Also in particular the rate of global warming in the early 20th century was as great as the last third of the century, and no one seriously ascribes the early century increase to greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Predictions of climate models are demonstrably too high, indicating a significant overestimate of the climate sensitivity (the response of the earth to increases in the incident radiation caused by atmospheric greenhouse gases). This is because the models, upon which the IPCC relies for their future projections, err in their calculations of key feedback and driving forces in the climate system.

3. Natural effects have been and continue to be important contributors to variations in the earth’s climate, especially solar variability and decadal and multidecadal ocean cycles.

4. The recorded land-based temperature increase data are significantly exaggerated due to widespread errors in data gathering and inadequately corrected contamination by human activity.

5. The multitude of environmental and ecological effects blamed on climate change to date is either exaggerated or nonexistent. Examples are claims of more frequent and ferocious storms, accelerated melting of terrestrial icecaps, Mount Kilimanjaro’s glacier, polar bear populations, and expansive mosquito-borne diseases. All of these and many others have been claimed and ascribed to global warming and by extension to human activity, and all are bogus or highly exaggerated.

I would be pleased to provide details on any of these five key reasons. Many others can do so as well.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Penn and Teller part 2

Penn and Teller take on the green church...

Video Feeds


Yeah Right

Don't want to mislead...this isn't mine but you can navigate from my blog list above to "Yeah Right!" blog, because this blogger speaks for me and says it all...

Raison d'etre

Ever hear the old legend about bluesman Robert Johnson? He allegedly met the devil at the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61, just south of Memphis, and sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for incredible musical talent.

You may think this is a silly old fable, but I have come to believe that it is true. And it wasn’t only Robert Johnson. It seems to me that there is something fundamentally wrong with virtually all our great and talented entertainers and artists. And it seems that the meddling of Satan himself is as good an explanation as any.

How else can it be that the people who make the coolest music, movies, TV shows, etc., almost always embrace the dumbest politics?! Why else would Stephen Spielberg shill for Castro? Why is it that so many concerts get ruined by between-song patter about the evils of our (overwhelming free, prosperous and peaceful) capitalist society? It must be that they promised Satan they’d peddle his socialism and PC claptrap.

So for those of us who love pop culture but loathe the Left -- what are we to do?

I see three alternatives..

1. Seek purity. Remove lefty junk food from our pop culture diet. This sounds nice in theory. Just like vegetarianism. Unfortunately, the spectrum of entertainment that’s not tainted with bad ideas is pretty narrow – and as profoundly uncool as a plate full of cold peas. I’m sorry. I just can’t do it.

2. Go along and get along. Most of the entertainers spouting bad ideas don’t take their own ideas seriously -- why should we? This is tempting. The American economy and political system is pretty strong, and I suspect it will take another generation before everything gets really screwed up. Still, I can’t be complicit in the slow spread of socialism. My conscience won’t allow it.

3. Make our stand. Here. Now.

I have come to believe that there needs to be a forum to discuss movies and music and TV and games and culture. We’ll celebrate what’s good. And we’ll bust on what’s bad.

I’m starting Yeah Right myself. But I don’t want it to stay that way. I want you to get involved. Click here for more information on how.

I know that there are like-minded souls out there, and that together, we can change the dialogue over entertainment in America (and maybe beyond…).

If we succeed, the preening entertainers who obsess about their own reviews will realize that not everyone in their audience is a lefty lemming. And they’ll see the error of their ways. They will realize that the individualism and the creativity that pulse through their art are completely at odds with the brain-dead socialism that they have been embracing out of sheer inertia.

And slowly but surely -- as the hacks at Rolling Stone magazine check into their assisted living communities, and the last person watching Roger Ebert changes the channel –- there will be new cultural gate-keepers. Gate-keepers who aren’t forever reliving the 1960s.

And at last, what is cool will no longer be dumb. And what is smart will no longer be uncool.

Yeah, right.

An old man feels the chill of 60 years...

...but is heartened by the presence and love of his friends, his dashing good looks and his still active libido.

Down boy down!
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I Will Survive...

Perhaps more appropriately sung by a woman about her man...but the reverse also may apply...

Tim Blaney - I Will Survive Lyrics

First I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live with out you by my side
But then I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong
And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along
and so you're back from outer space
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I'd known for just one second you be back to bother me

Go on now go, walk out the door
Just turn around now
Cause you’re not welcome here anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with good-bye
Did I crumble
Did you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I! I will survive
Oh as long as i know how to love I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live and I'll survive
I will survive
hey hey hey

We will survive baby

It took all the strength I had not to fall apart
Kept tryin' hard to mend the broken pieces of my heart
And I spent oh so many nights
Just felling sorry for myself. I used to cry.
But now I hold my head up high
And you see me somebody new
I'm not that chained up little puppy still in love with you,
and so you feel like droppin' on
and your expecting me to be free
Now I'm saving all my lovin' for someone who's lovin' me

Go on now go, walk out the door
Just turn around now
'Cause you're not welcome anymore
Did I crumble?
Did you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I! I will Survive
Oh as long as I know how to, love i know i'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give and I'll survive
I will survive

...some of the nearest and dearest

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...far from the madding crowd...

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...keep this under your hat...

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

...Abe Lincoln revisited...

"Confiscating wealth from those who have earned it, inherited it, or got lucky is never going to help 'the poor.' Poverty isn't caused by some people having more money than others, just as obesity isn't caused by McDonald's serving super-sized orders of French fries. Poverty, like obesity, is caused by the life choices that dictate results."

John Tucci (whoever the wise gent is) as quoted in The Wall Street Journal 20.08.08

...the Grand Old Man is gone, but the young man is on his way home !

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...and it's official ! son David returns this December - for good - after being away for 5 years exploring the world, finding himself and others; to start a new phase in his life....

When his nephew was born (our first grandchild) I thought that my life's purpose was fulfilled; as indeed it was...but a son's emergence as a father (if that's what this homecoming may mean) is luxury in itself...and a source of much excitement.

Quote of the day...

And it’s why the American Physical Society this month said “there is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for the global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution.”

Andrew Bolt 18.08.08

...we can always discuss the weather...

...and the blogosphere is a wonderful distraction for a Green sceptic such as me. Just discovered blogs by Prometheus, Bishop's Hill, Pommygranate, Devil's Kitchen et al, and always go to

It looks like the smoking gun hasn't fired yet, but recent postings on the above sites and of course Monckton's DVD have put gaping cracks in the IPPC facade...and the ammount of egg that will have to be wiped off so many faces ( political,environmental,media etc) will cause a re-estimation of scientists and the very political world many of them the late great Augie Auer said "I hope to live long enough to see the bastards proved wrong..."

Monday, 18 August 2008, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

...are the goals that seem to evade us at every turn. But we're alive, out of jail and the Olympics are on !

I'm a 60 year old physiotherapist, desperately trying to get away from what has become an irksome job, with a colossal debt that gets larger every day and a fragile 36 year old marriage...

Boo bloody hoo.

This balance sheet is mine alone...and this exercise is an attempt to string together some of the thoughts and prejudices that make up the recipe that helps me interpret and come to terms with everything.

Tonight's a start, and I hope these intermittent posts will ultimately be discarded as I gain some strength from writing it all down.