Wednesday, 26 August 2009

If this is the only surfing you do today... couldn't do any better than spend a few minutes with the brilliant Bill Whittle, and his expose of media and academic political correctness. H/T and thanks to Slattsnews. Have a look at this superb commentary. This is outstanding and startling... Here...
...A note too, on a rarely seen commodity in NZ politics; political principle. Rodney Hide, Minister of Local Government, offered to resign his ministerial post if a new Auckland "supercity" was created offering designated seats to Maori only. Such racial separatism Rodney Hide observed, was contrary to the principle of "one man, one vote." What he should have added also is that it is contrary to what the left like to refer to as our founding document; The Treaty of Waitangi. (A fact conveniently forgotten by Maori protesters as they brandish their taiaha in street protests.) As always, lefty PC hypocrites within the media, particularly the craven NZ Herald and TVNZ, follow their PC guidelines and depict Rodney Hide as a bullying blackmailer and populist, not a politician of conviction. What utter hypocritical bullshit !
But now, the left have a fantastic opportunity to use the provision for a citizen's initiated referendum to test public opinion on institutionalised apartheid in outeroa... C'mon you leftie hypocrite scumbags, show your courage and let the people of Auckland vote on the matter... Some hope. ( Cartoon from NotPC with thanks.)
(Note to Rodney Hide. Well done, let's see much more of the same. Let's also see a press release about the futility of an ETS. Didn't you say last year that AGW was "a hoax" ?)


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Ayrdale said...

Yes, will do.

MK said...

Leftist scum will never let the people vote if they know it won't go their way. They don't care what the people think, they always fall on the side of racism and divisiveness.

Ayrdale said...

MK, what is that avatar ?

Just reading Ian Kershaw's 2nd volume re Hitler. "Nemesis" A timely reminder of where leftists can take socity.