Monday, 17 August 2009

Environmental rationalism... a commodity that the green left despise. With their disdain comes hatred of their world and prosperity induced guilt. In years to come people will marvel that these last few decades have produced enough self doubt, guilt and panic (a.k.a. Y2Kyoto) to make a retreat from prosperity and technology back to the Dark Green Ages and the coldness of the cave a real possibility. With the knowledge that we have today, we in the developed nations enjoy comforts that our predecessors could never have imagined. It surely is up to us to share this knowledge and this luxury rather than attempting to stifle human development....Ian Plimer (author of Heaven and Earth) compares what's happening now what happened with Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union 7 decades ago. When Lysenko convinced Stalin that he could improve grain production by treating seeds before they were planted, Lysenkoism became a state approved methodology. Dissenters were killed or sent to the gulags. An entire nation converted their agricultural system to accommodate Lysenko's theories. But the grain refused to grow. Sixty years later, they went back to science. warming has divided scientists into two basic camps. The AGW proponents are a new breed, confident in their computer models, dismissive of those who think skepticism should be the first response to new theories, and for the most part conducting their science while driving a computer. The second camp is both older and older-fashioned, for the most part, and is bent on going out and getting the data and seeing where the data leads them...AGW proponents have experienced considerable political success, and national governments and world institutions are contemplating changing the world's infrastructure to suit the needs of this new political doctrine. But the science is clearly not there yet...The debate is not yet over... if the political decisions are made now, while the debate is still in progress, we risk turning away from our best chance to lift one third of the planet out of poverty, using the same tools that lifted us out of poverty just a century ago-cheap and readily available energy. We can not only condemn these people to a life of miserable deprivation, we can turn our backs on our own futures and begin to retreat from what technology can give us.
If instead we moved practically and sanely towards a greener technology base, led by research and development instead of eco-lobbyists and windmill producers, we could stabilise and then reduce emissions over the course of this century without actively oppressing the poor... and continue to move ahead.
The worst of the eco-warriors are not shy about saying they want a much lower population on this planet living a vastly reduced lifestyle...(they are) the enemies of the rest of us who want to live a normal life and give our children a better future. By brazenly claiming that there is no future without sacrificing our energy base, they propagate a Big Lie that would send us back to a past long before Lysenko-back to a cold, cold period we called the Dark (Green) ages. But they didn't need Lysenko back then--they had the Inquisition to tell them how to treat skeptics
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MK said...

"....if the political decisions are made now, while the debate is still in progress, we risk turning away from our best chance to lift one third of the planet out of poverty...."

And there is the reason why they fight so hard to turn back from progress. Sickening isn't it.

Ayrdale said...

...yes it is. There's a total disdain among the deep greens for humanity itself. They wish to take us back to the Dark green Ages.

Anonymous said...

"...As no believer dares express anything other than certainty, social manias tend to persist for some time after their disconnect with reality has become obvious to all. In the face of such recalcitrant reality, leaders are forced to become ever more extreme in their proclamations. This then often leads to a zenith of zealotry and disconnect just before increasingly obvious reality finally forces them to make some small admission of error. The spell is then broken and the faith collapses..."

Walter Starck