Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Gird your loins for battle...

...George (moonbeam) Monbiot of the UK Guardian is preparing to do battle with Professor Ian Plimer, author of the book Heaven and Earth... as Monbiot reports...After I wrote an article attacking his claims, he challenged me to a public debate. Last week I told him that I would accept his challenge as long as he accepted mine. I would take part in a face-to-face debate with him as long as he agreed to write precise and specific responses to his critics' points - in the form of numbered questions that I would send him - for publication on the Guardian's website...more here...
This exchange, if it comes about will be a defining moment. Watch this space.
...and, from the "Isn't Science Wonderful" dept...Study: Men Who Do Housework Attract More Women, Fewer Contusions
..."When Ian keeps ahead of the laundry, I find it really helps keep the relationship healthy and the hospital visits at a minimum," said Sarah Pilcher, 37, a study participant. "Isn't that right, Ian? I SAID, isn't that RIGHT?"
"Oh, yes, definitely, dear," agreed her husband Ian, 38, bolting to attention in the midst of a silent gaze through the window of their spotless home in Luton, Beds. "It's hard work sometimes, but I know Sarah appreciates it. Especially when I polish the glass on my testicle jar."
"I shudder to think what this place would look like had I not married Sarah. I reckon it would be such a disgusting mess from the pizza cartons and empty beer bottles, I would probably be down at the pub, drinking a pint with my mates, watching a football game," he added, bursting into tears
...more from Dr Iowahawk here...

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