Friday, 26 September 2008

Stephen Franks writes...

I hate what has happened to the youthful ideals of my generation, when sincerity was the virtue that trumped all others (even tolerance and certainly politeness). That generation in power has created a body of law for liars that would stun the parents we were out to shock. It rewards routine lying. Indeed it may be virtually impossible for businesses to function if they do not play the game.
I was reminded of W Peters feigned outrage before the Privileges Committee at what he considered to be Owen Glenn’s "coached evidence". I think they call it "projection".
No wonder W Peters thinks its worth spouting nonsense and H Clark can pretend she can’t act on anything less than a formal outcome of proceedings. Employment law steers people straight to lying, by forcing them to pretend they act in ways no sensible person would act, and indeed in ways no self respecting employee would want them to act
...more rewards routine lying...and so does our present ACC scheme. The rewards are financial for health professionals, and practical and financial (ie, free treatment) for savvy patients. Those patients who can't or won't lie, the honest elderly and others, simply don't get treated or pay a private fee or receive a different , and often lower standard of health care.(Recently the Disabled Persons Assembly took a case alleging discrimination to the High Court on this basis.)

I have protested this all my professional life, yet to my shame have continued to collaborate with this stinking system...Of course the same stink that hovers around our politicians and health care system is exactly the same pong from the same source...

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