Sunday, 14 September 2008

HADRON... exciting and captivating. Refreshing too, to see and read about new research, unfettered by the constipated and fearful "precautionary principle" of the luddite Greens. Right now HADRON IS hot,hot, hot.. Wonder though if there's an advertiser's/marketer's connection involved? Consider this...HARPIC made cleaning the loo a bit of a lark for stay at home bored housewives, because it sounds soo similar to (dare I say it?) hard prick. Clever,clever clever.
Ever read Vance Packard's 1960's book The Hidden Persuaders ?
Now we have HADRON...c'mon, c'mon think about it. HADRON... an anagram of what ?
Geez, but then again, could be just a gay thing.
Hope not.
Note too, a competition for a suggested name change, and a hacker attack. Here...
...and how Bertie Wooster saw things in 1934 (in Right Ho, Jeeves, P G Wodehouse) -
"I was reading in the paper the other day about those birds who are trying to split the atom, the nub being that they haven't the foggiest as to what will happen if they do. It may be all right. On the other hand, it may not be all right. And pretty silly a chap would feel, no doubt, if, having split the atom, he suddenly found the house going up in smoke and himself torn limb from limb.
Maybe the Hadron boys need Jeeves on hand.

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