Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Dissent is alive and well in South Africa...

...judging by this rather "robust" cartoon depicting President Jacob Zuma about to rape justice. Note the shower on his head. Reference to his belief that soap and showers would defeat AIDS.
Zapiro has refused to apologise for this controversial cartoon.

The caricature shows Zuma unbuckling his belt in front of a woman representing the justice system with the leaders of the ANC Youth League, Cosatu and the SACP egging him on.

The cartoon comes as the ANC and several of its allies have been accused of attacking the judiciary as the ANC leader waits to hear if the corruption charges against him will be thrown out.

And what of the future?... this from kiwi blogger MAWM (see blogroll) (thanks mate)...

The myopia and greed of the country’s new regime of rats have eroded my faith in the specific future I had once believed in. I do not foresee, today, any significant decrease in crime and violence in South Africa; I have serious doubts that our rulers can even guarantee a safe and successful soccer World Cup in 2010; I do not believe that the levels of corruption and nepotism and racketeering and incompetence and injustice and unacceptable practices of “affirmative action” in the country will decrease in the near future.

Andre Brink - One of the famous Afrikaans Anti-Apartheid Writers, after his nephew was shot in the face and allowed to die in front of his wife and daughter, whilst his murderers continued to ransack his house.
More here from The Week (2.10.08)

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