Saturday, 13 September 2008

AUSSIE,AUSSIE,AUSSIE... a 20 year old, living in Bondi in 1967, working at St Vincents Darlinghurst as a radiographer I read "People,Politics and Pop" author forgotten ? Craig McClauchlan ? expose (to a new Kiwi/Pommy visitor) of a barely glimpsed ethos, the Aussie persona. The book captivated me, and I never forgot the final triumphal expression of Aussie pride, the author's declaration of his Australian identity..."I am an Alf!"

This affection and glorification of the Aussie psyche is repeated in the movie Kenny. The hero, Kenny himself, is as his father describes "a glorified turd burglar" a portaloo deliverer, cleaner and collecter bloke, (his peaked cap carries the company logo - SplashDown) filled with angst regarding his own family, yet secure and proud of himself in his own world...

Reflecting on his failed marriage and his ex wife's partner he says "...f***k it,why not cut out the middle man, find someone you hate, and give them a house..."

Kenny never wavers, never loses his dignity... throughout the movie he celebrates Australia, the ordinary working bloke and his important place in the scheme of things.

Kenny, another movie that defines Australia and elevates Australians. Shit collectors some of them maybe but good blokes too...hard to think of a recent Kiwi comedy comparison. Hval Rider maybe...

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