Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Quote of the week...

...from Gary Strand, software engineer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)... "As a software engineer, I know that climate model software doesn’t meet the best standards available. We’ve made quite a lot of progress, but we’ve still quite a ways to go."
Anthony Watts (WuWT)
comments ...I’ll say. NASA GISS model E is written on some of the worst FORTRAN coding ever seen (and) is a challenge to even get running. NASA GISTEMP is even worse. Yet our government has legislation under consideration significantly based on model output that Jim Hansen started. His 1988 speech to Congress was entirely based on model scenarios. Do we really want congress to make trillion dollar tax decisions today based on “software [that] doesn’t meet the best standards available.”?

and from ClimateDepot... The credibility of these computer model predictions - used by governments to determine global warming policy based on future climate risks - have been under increasingly intense scrutiny for years.
In June 2007, Dr. Jim Renwick, a top UN IPCC scientist, admitted that climate models do not account for half the variability in nature and thus are not reliable...

Raising the questions; will the voting public ever forgive these self serving prophets of doom once the truth is known ? and will the main stream media publish this to inform the voting public ?

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