Thursday, 30 July 2009

Green technology...powered by hypocrisy and guilt...

...while local greens wring their hands over climate change, and work assiduously to cripple their own economies they brazenly ignore comparitive features of the environmental landscape in China and India. Such as this...Every four months, from now until 2020, China will build new coal-fired power stations possessing the same capacity as Australia’s entire coal-fired power sector.” Every four months – three times a year, every year for 10 years – China will build one Australian coal-fired power industry. Not one power station, but the equivalent of all Australia's power stations. Every four months...
Give or take one or two ‘Australian industries’, depending on how things play out in practice, it will build 25-35 Australian coal-fired power industries by the year 2020 (...the interim date for substantial reductions in global carbon dioxide emissions. )
Australia can close down what is to all practical intents and purposes their entire power industry – give or take a few dams in Tasmania and thousands of all-but useless wind turbines – and the emissions ’saved’ would be spent in China in four months.
... green fantasists believe – and that word is used deliberately, ...we can march into some energy-free or completely ‘green’ energy Elysian future...

...No, I don't think green leaders think that at all. I think they are absolutely aware that crippling an economy is the surest way to the delivery of a fatally injured independent nation; and that such injury hastens the advent of their beloved one world socialist utopia. That notwithstanding, what adds insult to injury to Australians, is the reluctance to boost energy supplies by using their own domestic uranium ore. One time greenie Peter Garrett, now Minister of the Environment has approved a huge new uranium mine, and its refined ore will empower China, but won't fuel a domestic Australian power station.
How long will it be before public outrage over such ruinous economic policies and blatant hypocrisy explodes ?... More...>


Alix said...

Government have stalled my emails. Check tonight before the email address closes.
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But beware of the MEAnz cover-up.
Read draft folders- open all folders- take information.

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Ayrdale said...

Hi Alix and other readers. Is it just me and am I justified in being a little uncertain about this sort of instruction ?

Brave soul who wishes to try it out please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Looks like scam.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Ben and Olivia the young couple who were murdered while visiting New Zealand? I wonder why Alix wants to "free" them?

Ayrdale said...

I don't know and I don't want to risk a visit.