Friday, 7 November 2008

Magnetic Power Incorporated !

From their website...Magnetic Power Inc’s mission is to supply the world with clean, abundant, and inexpensive electricity.
The company is developing Magnetic Power Modules. Based upon proprietary breakthrough discoveries, magnetic motors and generators are being designed to operate continuously, without fuel. The never before commercialized energy source is the Quantum Vacuum, sometimes referred to as the Zero Point Field, which exists everywhere in the universe. It is abundant, renewable and pollution free. When generators are mass produced, the cost of electricity is expected to be less than any competing form of power generation
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Can you believe it Colin ?

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qagnetic said...

All electric motors use magnetic force
to create rotation the electric current
creates the magnetic forces which in
turn produce rotation swiching the
polarity of the soft magnetic alloys
keeps the motor running something that

has not been achived using permanent magnets
as yet but who knows what future inventors
may come up with.