Friday, 19 June 2009

The weight of the world is on his shoulders...

...In the Australian Senate the vote of one senator, Steve Fielding, (left) may be important for the passage of the government’s cap and trade legislation, also known as the emission trading scheme.
On Monday Senator Fielding had a meeting with the Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong, and asked the following questions so he can make an informed decision on whether or not an emissions trading scheme is the best course of action for Australia to take to deal with climate change and global warming.
Q1. Is it the case that CO2 increased by 5% since 1998 whilst global temperature cooled over the same period ?
If so, why did the temperature not increase; and how can human emissions be to blame for dangerous levels of warming?

Q2. Is it the case that the rate and magnitude of warming between 1979 and 1998 (the late 20th century phase of global warming) was not unusual in either rate or magnitude as compared with warmings that have occurred earlier in the Earth’s history ?
If the warming was not unusual, why is it perceived to have been caused by human CO2 emissions; and, in any event, why is warming a problem if the Earth has experienced similar warmings in the past?

Q3. Is it the case that all GCM computer models projected a steady increase in temperature for the period 1990-2008, whereas in fact there were only 8 years of warming were followed by 10 years of stasis and cooling ?
If so, why is it assumed that long-term climate projections by the same models are suitable as a basis for public policy making?

...and from Joanna Nova...Senator Fielding holds a crucial vote on the proposed Emissions Trading Legislation. Fielding and four independent scientists faced the Minister for the Climate Change and Water, Penny Wong, The Chief Scientist, Penny Sackett, and Professor Will Steffan, director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University. Read what happened from someone who was there...excerpt...

...Ocean temperatures have only been measured in any detail or to any depth for five years, by the Argo buoys. And as that article says, “Josh Willis of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has reported that the Argo system has shown no ocean warming since it started in 2003. “There has been a very slight cooling, but not anything really significant””. The Argo buoys have been recalibrated, and for a while they showed a slight warming trend. The latest result seems to be slight cooling: see the graphs on this Argo site.

The ocean temperature data is sufficient to prove that the IPCC are wrong about the climate (the rise would have to be over a certain amount to confirm the IPCC case)...more here...


MK said...

If this fellow manages to kick this ETS to the kerb, we Australians will not know the pain and expense he has saved us. Good on him and shame on the other bastards desperate to shackle us.

Ayrdale said...

Heroes are emerging from the swamp of socialism, Steve Fielding in OZ, and David Cameron (see the posting above) in the UK.