Friday, 12 June 2009

The London Underground... topic I know, but the world famous Tube is paralyzed right now due to a drivers strike. 12,000 miles away, so it doesn't affect us, but a colossal problem for commuters, and a huge and possibly defining challenge for the Mayor, Boris Johnston. To gauge public opinion, check this YouTube clip... and the comments after it...sorry, not good at embedding videos.

Caution; lyrics are like, BLUNT, but the message could not be clearer... I wonder whether public comment like this via the net and blogs spells the death knell for mass voluntary union membership and destructive bullying unionism, of the type we came to know and abhor in the 70's and 80's ?...and to deal with those bolshie train drivers ? Harry Hutton's been in touch with a gunsmith...
Dear Sir,
Could you possibly make me a high-velocity sniper's rifle, that could be disguised as a walking stick? It is for purely recreational sniping, you understand, and would not be used in acts of politically-motivated terror. I give you my word on that. I am not a murderer. Why would I wish to kill my fellow man, unless he was sinning?
Money is no object, but it must be accurate enough consistently to bring down sinners at distances of up to half a mile. I would never, I assure you, take up arms to smite my fellow man, without detailed and specific instructions from God our father, or one of
his angels. Woe unto the heathen on that day! The Lord shall dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.
Please send me estimates on price, delivery time, etc. And could you get hold of some explosive-tipped ammunition (for the "right price", naturally)? If the worst came to the worst, and we were absolutely forced to liquidate a heathen, we wouldn't want to leave any ballistic evidence, you see.
But we pray it will never come to that.
Awake unto righteousness, and sin not.
Yours faithfully,

...the gunsmith got back to Harry, as did some of his mate. Heathens and striking train drivers, look out...more here...

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