Thursday, 30 October 2008

Nostradamus and global warming...

...Only a few weeks ago, we were hearing that South Africa had snow, and not just that, but of the very late variety (South of the Equator, this time of year should be warming). But don't worry, we must have a flexible view of reality: when it gets hot, it's warming; when it gets cold, it's warming; and when it seems to stay the same, it's warming twice as fast.

Does global warming predict the weather right now? Only in the sense that Nostradamus predicted the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in the 1985 edition, and the fall of the Shah of Iran in the 1980 edition.What does predict the weather we're having is the sunspot cycle and we can now add some idea of what reduced solar wind does. 
Here's a somewhat better forecast of the end of 2008's weather than anything cooked up by the "capitalism causes tsunamis" crowd. Farmer's Almanac? Maybe astrology is more scientific than the ecofascists...more here

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