Saturday, 25 October 2008

Correction and Clarification...This from The NZ Herald this morning...

"A pulled quote in Thursday's paper, attributed to Sir David King, former UK chief scientist, that 'GM...has been adopted across the whole of Africa, with devastating consequences,' was incorrect. Sir David's actual remark was that it was the Western world's move towards organic farming and away from GM that was having such a disastrous effect.

Two points...Sir David King has pointed again to the truth of Denis Dutton's 2005 claim that the despicable green political movement worldwide has the blood of innocents on its hands, and;
WTF is happening in our newspapers when such blatant misrepresentation and lying simply is noted as a "correction and clarification"? The general public quite rightly hold journalists in low esteem, ranking them with used car salesmen and politicians, turning away from the main stream media simply because of lies like this. I wonder if anybody at the source of the lie (where was the quote "pulled" from?) likely to lose their job ?
I doubt it...f***ing bastards liars, ratbags...

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