Saturday, 3 April 2010

Well, here we are again...

...after my last post I took time off for a 3 1/2 week holiday in the UK. On that afternoon I was also told that I was unemployed. What a bugger.

A totally necessary reassessment of our stupid and illogical ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) health care scheme has involved severe cuts in health spending. Soooo, I'm looking for work and haven't had the necessary enthusiasm to add to this blog and thus help guarantee the downfall of the mad socialist architects of the global warming scam.

I'm just writing this after sharing several beers with an old mate. G'day RB... and find to my great delight that he (like all sane and rational people) shares my world view.

So where to folks ? Has the fight against the green hypocrites and liars been won in my absence ? or has the multiple headed monster staggered back to its feet ? And what did the anatomy lecturer say to his class of bored students ?


cbullitt said...

Welcome back. You've been missed.

In your absence, the ClimateGate website went under, and recently AL Gore Lied has been experiencing server/admin issues. TWAWKI has changed the site twice. And the Englishman at the Daily Bayonet has secured the services of three co-bloggers.

I have posted my typical rants and snaps of naked women--including Easter Bunnies, and our Alien Overlords continue their march to Carbon Come despite the science and the outcry form their subjects.

That about covers it.

Doug said...

Hope you had a great holiday nonetheless. Looking forward to more of your wisdom on here. Come on man get to it ! :) (Don't let the turkeys get you down)

Paul Clark said...

Welcome back Mikh. Hope you had a good holiday in frigid UK. (Hopefully not too frigid if you catch my drift...well you did mention nightclubs before you left.)

If the healthcare gig falls through you could always find a job in the global warming industry but you'll have to sacrifice all logic and integrity. A small price to pay perhaps?

Global warming fight not won yet. Pesky socialists still trying to take over the world. And I see the NZ PM is going ahead with your ETS. What kind of a phoney conservative party is this National anyways?

Seriously, can we bring back Winston Peters. He really did put New Zealand First.

Anonymous said...

welcome back

ETS Meetings to attend?

Mark Brentano said...

Welcome back, sir! What happened in Blighty? You appeared on the radar and then disappeared. Good time in Welsh Wales? Get to work immediately! Climate change skepticism needs YOU!

David Scott said...

Love your work! We are all in this together...

joven said...

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Ron Russell said...

Shit happens as Forrest Gump would say. But you can't keep a good man down. What makes the man are his failures and not his successes. I know this for a fact Mickey.

The eco nuts are still at it. Hell they never give up! It's always raining somewhere!

Kaboom said...

Well, it's really hard, isn't it?

Keep the faith,bro! After all, toay is your country's day!

Finally, you can expunge those evil nay-sayers.

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