Wednesday, 15 April 2009

There is a sin at the heart of Labour...

... and a desperate feeling of loss. With no ideological underpinning Labour MP's must take a trip down nostalgia lane to the left, or snuggle in to the political centre. If they become centrists they risk becoming indistinguishable from Tories, if they retreat to the left they become yesterdays socialists or a diluted version of the luddite greens.

In the UK individual Labour MP's of character are bucking the government line and declaring an independence of thought. Two in particular stand out as men of principle; Tom Harris and Frank Field. Both have distanced themselves from their corrupt and dawdling political masters. Harris recently quite flatly stated...the fight against global warming has another aim: the defeat of capitalism, of economic growth, of prosperity. Which is why I find (green) arguments so nauseating...unless we can find a way of saving the planet without sacrificing prosperity – here and in developing countries – then the fight is already lost...
...and from Frank Field, who describes the UK Labour Party as "staring into the abyss"
...It is this contrast between how we should be behaving, and what has been exposed, that is the real killer. A necessary government information machine has been corrupted by a spin that seeks not to inform but control and, if needs be destroy. And it has been in existence for over a decade... If this is the war the Prime Minister thinks the country wants he is in for a very rude awakening. In the meantime, Labour supporters are left bewildered and wondering what happened to the moral crusading side of our mission...
"Above all, The Man said, we must avoid having the sort of debate
that the Tories and the media wanted - about spin doctors and aides at Number Ten. 'That will be the death of this government." Tony Blair.

...Here in New Zealand the political and ideological dilemma for Labour is no less acute. With a (bye-bye) election looming in Helen Clark's seat of Mt. Albert and a clear declaration from the greens that they will stand a candidate, thus splitting the centre-left vote, Labour has to find a reason other than sentiment for electorate support. Associated with that search for identity will be an enhanced community awareness of Labour's loss of direction, loss of prestige and loss of relevence.


MK said...

To extrapolate what Ann Coulter wrote, if Labour pollies had any brains they'd be conservatives.

Good for those two MPs, but i suggest that they leave that wretched party, because if the Brits have any brains, in years to come they will stick the label of 'ruin' to Labour. They have done everything needed to ruin that once Great Britain.

I have nothing but contempt for them for what they've done to that nation, a vile pox upon Labour.

Ayrdale said...

MK I think the English blogs, particularly Guido, are producing hamburger out of the lefties and certainly leading the way with intelligent satire and criticism. Every day the left is looking more and more like geriatrics in dressing gowns.