Saturday, 15 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street... the catchcry in the USA; a present day "Aux barricades !" to lefties and the disillusioned everywhere. While media interest is sustained the protestors have a cause and a forum. When attention wanes the left will have to fan the flames a little brighter to maintain interest . What is the aim of this protest though ? and why now ? Could it be that the sands have at last run out for the greens of the last 4 decades, and with those running out sands the green glue that holds the left together is gone ? And could this absurd street theatre be all the left has got left ? AGW or climate change is certainly an international dead duck. In the UK, the lefty Guardian simply says Climate Change - off the Boil. Closer to home, Julia Gillard's Labor Party with green help have passed the carbon tax. Leader of the opposition and next PM; Tony Abbott, has pledged it will go. In the USA President Barack Obama is despised by the green left for back pedalling on his green jobs promise and diluting his carbon tax proposals...and in Europe - in the throes of an economic death spiral, international carbon trading is a joke. More >> So where else for the left to go but take to the streets ? Street party/protest is the order of the day. How long before the left have a young martyr or two to galvanise themselves into further self indulgent hysteria ?

...and further to the RWC, the excitement is building, with this semi-final weekend. My hope is for an AB v Wales final. Cymru am byth !

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Anonymous said...

Oh well. France v AB's. Jump the Aussie hurdle then devastate the cheese eating surrender monkeys.