Thursday, 16 October 2008

Living lives of quiet desperation is the English way...

...this from The Salted Slug...Our nation is a shattered directionless mess, financed by pyramid selling and lies; ruled by an increasingly deranged and despotic kleptocracy more concerned with prolonging its own foetid existence then with maintaining the crumbling vestiges of this paralysed and increasingly pointless country. The education system, police and local government are lousy with the ranks of the Righteous, who have insidiously and consistently eroded all that they have touched with their NewSpeak, Thoughtcrimes and endless calls to please, please think of the Chilllllldreeen. The rot runs deep.

We watch what we say; we watch what we think; we watch what we eat; we watch what we drink; we watch the feral youth outside of our homes and pray they don't turn their attentions towards us; we avoid the imperious glances of the Police; we hide from council cronies with police powers; we watch a third of what we earn be spirited away to be graciously re-allocated to feckless pond life; we watch malevolent televised entities with plastic smiles and sincere tones shave away our freedoms one at a time; we watch and we despair.

It can't last, something has to give.
Maybe the inevitable crisis we're blundering into might serve as a wake-up call, a reminder to put our priorities in order. More likely it won't and we'll get what we deserve. More here...

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